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i never knew a part of you you didn't set in ink. [userpic]

survey ta fuc

June 8th, 2008 (11:02 am)

A Detailed Survey About You
What is your name?:regan
Do you like your name, or would you change it?:wish my parents wern't crazy and named mme something normal at birth
How old are you?:17
Are you tall, average or a shrimp?:shrimpy
Do you have big, or little hands?:little midget hands
What size is your shoe size?:five or six
Do you have a straight, bumpy or jagged nose?:one wee bump i think
Do you have big or thin lips?:thin lips
Is your hair smoothe or greasy...or both?:it's dry and uncunt
What color is your nature hair color?:blonde
Do you have a square or narrow jaw?:eh? normal jaw?
Do you have a stub neck, or a long, crane-like neck?:stubish
Are you broad or narrow shouldered?:medium?!
Are you male or female?:female
Do you have brawny arms or skeleton arms?:brawny
Body piercings?:three ears
Tatoos?:i want one badly
Do you have acne?:thank fuck nope. some wee spots
If so, what do you treat it with?:
Are you good at jump shots?:probably not if i knew what they was
Are you athletic?:hell no
Do you wear glasses?:nope, but i did for like ten years
Have you ever taken speech lessons?:no, but i have a bad problem of mumbling
Do you have a defined adam's apple?:no...
Do you have warts or calluses?:nope
Are you allergic to bees?:yes. or wasps. one of them fuckers
Do you have allergies?:not really
Is there a history of arthritus in your family?:yeah, everyone.
Is there a histroy of heart disease in your family?:only 1 uncle
Which do you like better...
Cats or dogs?:dogs
Military aircraft or passenger plane?:passanger plane
Whale-watching or horesback riding?:horseback riding lol
Coffee or tea?:coffee
Peach or a nectarine?:nectarine
Gorilla or a chimp?:gorilla
Pencil or paint?:paint
Piano or guitar?:guitarrr
Deciduous or evergreen trees?:deciduous. i like it in autumn when the leaves fall and in spring seeing them come back. well pretty
Orca or bottle-nosed dolphine?:don't give a fuck really
Europe or Asia?:i've never been to asia. but i think europe is probably more beautiful
Dancing or singing (or both if you want)?:BOTH by myself
Poetry or paintings?:poetry
Classic Cadillac or classic Corvette?:cadillac baby
Whipping cream or cool whip?:cool whip
Yogurt or ice-cream?:ice cream
Fruit or candy?:candy
Life or death?:either or. LOLZ
Books or movies?:both for different reasons.
Watching T.V. or taking a long walk?:a long walk with my ipod or good company
Hoodies or long-sleeved shirts?:hoodies
No-sleeved shirts or short-sleeved shirts?:short sleeved
Pants or shorts?:pants def
Basketball or football?:basetball
Golf or bowling?:bowling is well fun
In the opposite sex...
Blue, green or brown eyes?:green, but i'm not really fussy
Tall, short or medium height?:tall
Long or short neck?:what? i don't care
Big or small feet?:big
Big or small hands?:big
Athletic, average or neither?:either
Strong or weak?:either
Dependent or independent?:independant
Intelligent or average?:intelligent
Unique or average?:unique
Poetic and artistic or narrow-minded and submissive?:poetic and artistic definately
A brooder or an eye-batter?:either probs
Serious or hillarious?:hilarious but can be serious
Shy or confident?:confident with him self
Snow-lover or a warm, sunny day-lover?:BOTH
Dog-lover or a cat-lover?:don't care
A dancer or a talker?:talker
Do you...
Engage in any form of self harming? (cut, smoke, drink, drugs, etc):i smoke?
Like people?:nah not really
Like or dislike America?:don't mind really. their politics suck
Like your parents and respect them?:i don't respect them but i love them
Like cold weather?:yep
Like hot weather?:not too hot
Speak foreign languages, and if so, what ones?:nope. bonjour!!
Travel out of the country?:i want to more
Talk with attractive strangers?:it is impossible
Watch the olympics?:nope
Play sports?:nope
Get along well with the opposite sex?:yeah better than the same sex
Your favorite type of weather::grey weather and sunny weather chilling. and snow
The place you'd like to live::here actually
Your favorite place on earth::pettigo when i was younger. now i like watching the sea anywhere
Your best friend::she's lovely. tell her everything.
Your soul mate::don't belive in themens
Your passion::love
What your fears are::never finding love, being alone and going nowhere
The most romatic moment::i haven't had one
What causes you to stress out::awward situations, exams
What makes you feel sad::peoples lifes i read about, suicide, life really
What you wish was different::myself
Your desire in life::to be happy
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